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Thursday, November 19, 2009

October 30, 2009 -- Halloween Show!

The Halloween show was so fun! And let me tell you a few reasons why:

1-They gave out candy left and right and pulled members of the audience who dressed in costume down to the stage so we could all see them. That was fun.

2-One of the first skits was Lincoln, Kirby and Eric working together as an excellent speller: Dracula. They spelled different words called out from the audience two of which were the words phlebotomy and flabbergasted. The actors took turns with the letters and the results were so funny!

3-In the middle of the show Lincoln, Eric and Kelly came out in different costumes. Kelly was a ghost, Eric was a hairless werewolf and Lincoln was, hilariously, the 'invisible man' donning only a cowboy hat, a robe, boxers and white socks. A shocking experience for the audience, to say the least. Each actor had to answer some audience questions on how they would resolve certain problems. I think this was my personal favorite skit.

Our favorite skits are the ones that are so funny that the actors themselves have difficulty keeping a straight face. I could go on and on with the fun this show offered.

Kirby pulled this nice lady from the audience and sang this song to her. He was kind and simply hilarious. He even hugged her before she sat back down.

'Dracula' trying to spell everything correctly while Kelly calls out the words the audience previously decided.

Lincoln as the 'invisible man' and Eric as the hairless werewolf.

No show would be complete without a nice (and silly) improvised song by talented Kirby.

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