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Friday, June 12, 2009

June 12th Youth Conference: Valencia, CA

I'll get us started!

What was your favorite improv or favorite thing that happened during the show?

Updated 11:20pm
My favorite was the song with Kirby and Adam and Rob on the piano singing back and forth from gibberish to english at the drop of a hat. Such funny specifics!

Also Jim and the talking dog voice. Made me laugh.


  1. My favorite was lincoln as an angry german rapping about candy. I had a hard time keeping my chocolate down!

  2. I am a pretty awesome rapper, huh? That is because there is a lot of the street in me.

  3. I love how it's just Kirby and me. :)

  4. It was awesome with the Adventures of Candy Land, I laughed pretty hard at that :) I wish I can see you guys again!

    -Blayke LaRue

  5. Ah, yes. Candyland. Both sad and delicious at the same time. With a little opera and rap to boot!
    Our next show is Thursday June 15th at 8pm in Santa Clarita.

  6. The audience was totally awesome - especially the three who helped out in the "Telephone" game. They killed it!

  7. I'm gonna have to agree that candyland was hilarious! But I also LOVED the Astronaut musical and the gibberish bus ride :D It was all funny and good job on another funny show ;)
    ~Alyssa Adair